Baby Jake close up

To kick off my second installment of the Artist Spotlight series, I’d like to put the spotlight on a talented artist who I came across earlier this year that goes by the name of BabyJake.

“My father taught me guitar at the age of 8, but I was already in love with music and knew I wanted to be a Rockstar” says the Florida native artist BabyJake, when I asked how he got into the music world. Jake Herring is an urban pop artist who takes influences from the cultures of RnB & Pop and makes his own style of sound under the name BabyJake. Adapting sounds from both East and West Coast vibes his songs make you feel like there's no rush to be an adult, and instead making the most of the present. After scrolling through my Daily Playlist curated by Spotify one day, I stumbled upon one of Babyjakes’s hit records ‘Cigarettes On Patios’. The track does a good job of portraying what kind of artist he is as it shows his creative songwriting skills and clearly details his lifestyle of being forever young and making the best of times with his friends all laid out on a groovy melody. As I got to talk to him so more I realized he was a real humble guy, making it known that all the success that has been coming along from his string of single releases has been nothing short of a blessing! In fact he shares a number which you can find on his social media pages, where you can call or text and it is indeed him. Says that he responds back to as many fans as possible and makes sure that he stays connected with those who support him. I decided to ask what kind of advice he had for anyone trying to come up as an artist and perhaps get to the point that he’s at right now. He encourages any upcoming artist to be themselves and keep putting their heart into it, pushing out content and staying connected through social media is a good way to resonate with the fans. With tour being postponed due to the current COVID-19 virus he promises that things will be rescheduled for the Fall, and that there are many more songs to be released so to be on the lookout for an EP. For now make sure you guys go check him out, I’ve added some links down below! Go stream his new track with Dillion Francis ‘You Do You’
- Markiee Freshh

Jake close up